The Druid Circle for Immediate Release

Our Public Statement

The Druid Circle is a social activities organization that promotes "the old ways" through education, advocacy, activism and networking.  We always will be apolitical and inclusive.

We define apolitical as we we will support our Family of Values and will always be non-partisan as it comes to politics.  This means you will never see political posts on any of the groups, pages, or sites associated with our group. 

We define all inclusive as "all embracing".  This means everyone and we truly mean everyone, are welcome to those who truly want to be in an environment that promotes the uncovering and studying of druidry in a manner of understanding the definition of what unlocking druidry is about.  We encourage you to leave you leave your politics and personal agendas at home before you come to any of our public events.

When given credible information on the possibility that certain members of our advisory team or those who participate with us, could be the victims of certain damaging actions, we chose to protect and honor our beliefs in a non-divisive environment.  

While we will never say no to a gift, we will never say "yes" to a gift attached to something being lobbied.  We will continue our focus on the positive non political, non-judgemental philosophy of what is a Druid.  Our goal is to be a place for everyone and to refrain from any participation of  any and all events that promote any specific agenda which cause divisiveness among our circle.

For more information, please go to the "Home" tab and send us your inquiry by putting the word "PRESS" in the comment with your information.  Someone will get back to you within (3) three business days.