The Druid Circle

Traditional Family of Values of The Druid Circle


What Happens When You Unlock The Druid Circle?

At The Druid Circle, we help you envision what is a druid by protecting the circle.  Now, you step into a new realm.  You step into a realm where...

Regardless of who you are you can genuinely honor any cultural tradition as we do not believe in cultural appropriation and disapprove of cultural mocking as well as curvature. 

Everyone has the same privilege as we do not believe in positional privilege and disapprove of inequality.

Love speech is the national language as we do not believe in divisive speech and disapprove of separatism. 

We are all in the same block together as we do not believe in intersectional detachment and disapprove of specific power and supremacy.

Positivity is the dominant environment as we do not believe in unbalanced negativity and disapprove of tearing down other group supporters.

You never have to worry about being persecuted as we do not believe in intimidating others and disapprove of any sort of bullying.

You are free to share your virtues and not expect to be virtue signaled by someone in obeying them as we do not believe in identity politics and disapprove of any specific political validity.

There there is no shaming because of the way you think as we do not believe in shaming others and disapprove of one idea being worth more than another.

Ideas are added upon as we disagree with ideas being subtracted from and disapprove of silencing other voices.

Heart and soul, make up the sum of you not any one part of you as we do not believe in damaging interactions and disapprove of hypercritical analysis that is derisive.

Mind and spirit unify with others as we do not believe in tearing down any other person by spinning information as we disapprove of false consequence philosophies.

One's voice will not be shut down by any other person as do we do not believe in blatant accusation and disapprove of Salem Witch Trials.

Unfair judgement is not permitted as we do not believe in blatant accusation due to appearance and disapprove of codirectional any "ism", "phobia", and "ist".

The only agenda that is lobbied is fairness as we do not believe in personal agenda and disapprove of profits associated with ideals that aren’t aligned with ours.

Diversity is not what we look like as we do not believe in appearance being the sum of us and disapprove of promoting what we look like over our heart and soul, mind and body.


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