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What is a Druid?

Fàilte Dhachaidh! Welcome Home!

Who We Are!

     We are The Druid Circle, sometimes called "TDC".  We are a social activities group that seeks to do empower the lives of others and create a mindful spirit as a Druidhood, without being a "religion" but more so in working together as a "vocation".  We believe that Druidic philosophy is one rooted in "deru" and "wid" which together emphasise courage and wisdom.  As such we make all events unique in their own sense and do things that other social groups haven't explored.

Our Mission Statement

     “Our mission is to remain an apolitical and inclusive social activity organization that promotes comprehensive awareness of Druidic Culture and Civilization through Advocacy, Activism, Education and Networking, with the intention of sharing knowledge without judgement by supporting all voices as equal yet distinct and celebrate our lowest common ground in the name of Druidry.”

The Druid Circle

We Want You to Take Part

     The Druid Circle not a religion, we do not believe in "membership". You simply attend local events in your area with us or create your own event with us.  To us, asking, "What is a druid?" is more difficult to answer.  Through well researched material combined with personal gnosis, we hope to inspire you to discover your "Higher Self" which we call your "Inner Druid".  Want to create an event?  Let us know your idea and maybe we can help you get it off the ground by sending us a message.

Our Letters from the Team

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Can we help you? Can you help us? Can we help each other?

The Druid Circle

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